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Is your property so overgrown or unkept that you don’t even recognize it? Don’t despair! Our land clearing service can help restore your property’s beauty!

Legacy Farms and Ranches of Texas offers this and many other services that can help you uncover the true potential you have in your most valuable asset – your land!

Whether you’re rediscovering your existing property or in the planning stages for something new, contact us to find out about our suite of services and how we can help you build the property of your dreams!

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Our Services


Land Clearing

Our unique mulching service is fast and easy, giving you immediate results. It is the most eco-friendly and sustainable way to clear your property of unsightly and shabby underbrush. Like a fresh coat of paint in a a room, you will be amazed at how much this opens up your property to new possibilities!


Planning & Design

We can help you design the ultimate master plan for your property, helping you make critical decisions such as where to place buildings, infrastructure and water features, as well as the design for them. All this done with your goal in mind, we will help you make your investment count with a solid plan.



We can manage your construction projects from beginning to end. We are in essence your one-stop-shop for not only planning but executing lake construction, buildings, fences and other infrastructure, even lodges or residences.



There are many aspects to caring for a sustainable property: tillage and crop rotation, maintenance plans, irrigation and fertilization of crops, herd management and effective record-keeping to name only a few. We can consult with you on these topics and more to make managing your land a snap!

Legacy Farms and Ranches of Texas - Land Clearing Experts

About Us

Legacy Farms and Ranches of Texas is dedicated to helping our clients realize the potential of their most valuable asset – their LAND!

Our focus as a company is helping our clients understand the intricacies and nuances of managing a beautiful property and assisting them in the process.  Education is important to us – helping our clients realize it isn’t just one activity, but the orchestration of many moving parts to combine into a harmonious unity that equals their dream property.

We have expertise and are here to help with every step, no matter how small or large.  We are dedicated to our clients success!

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